Cook effortlessly with the magic of

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is different from all the other available cookware on the market, thanks to it’s unique patented air-layer technology.


Unique Patented Air-Layer Technology

With its layer of air sandwiched between 2 high-quality layers of hard anodized aluminum, AirTaste distributes heat evenly across the entire surface of your pot — even its sides! — making sure you eat a fully-cooked, nutrient-rich meal every time.

Cook Thoroughly & Evenly

No matter how thick that bolognese, how juicy that steak… jams, soups, sauces… and everything in between! It’s always thoroughly and evenly cooked with almost no input. Just like your oven — add the ingredients to the pot, and have a rest till it’s done!

AirTaste’s layer of air heats food from all directions.

AirTaste elevates your food from the flame with a layer of air and a non-toxic non-stick coating. This ensures it’s cooked consistently, at safer temperatures, and with no risk of burning!

This ensures your meals remain as nutrient-rich as possible.

No Burning & No Smoke

With its layer of air, AirTaste effectively conducts heat and allows your meat and vegetables to defrost evenly and cook simultaneously.

Have dinner on the table faster than ever!

Defrost & Cook at the Same Time

Cleaning is a Breeze

Cleaning is a breeze with AirTaste’s nonstick inner coating. One quick rinse will leave your AirTaste sparkling clean!

Heat is the most important factor that sets apart the healthiest meal from the most harmful. The extreme heat from regular pans even turns proteins into carcinogens and omega 3 oils into trans fats.

AirTaste gives you more control over the heat, so every meal preserves all the good nutrients.

Nutrient-Rich Meals for Your Healthy Diet

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How Does Your AirTaste Achieve All This?

AirTaste uses a patented layer of air and a little science — and magic — to live up to its bold claims

Air Layer Technology

AirTaste has a 1” air chamber across its entire surface! This ensures that extremely high heats never come directly in contact with your food.

Instead, like a double boiler does with water, AirTaste first heats the air inside the chamber and then distributes heat evenly from all directions around your food. But unlike a double boiler, you’re not capped by the temperature of boiling water!

AirTaste’s exclusive non-stick coating is made without potentially toxic materials like PTFEs, PFAs, FEPs, and other typical toxic non-stick coatings.

While other non-stick coatings can become toxic when exposed to the high heat of a direct flame, thanks to the air layer, the inner layer never goes above a safe 392 degrees Fahrenhait.

Non-Toxic Coating

The hard anodized aluminum oxide layer — with the same molecular structure as sapphire — is known for its durability and slickness.

Combined with AirTaste’s non-stick coating, it ensures your pot is more scratch resistant and lasts longer.

Hard Anodized Aluminum Shell

AirTaste Comes in 4 Sizes

18cm (7’‘) pot

24cm (9 + 7/16’‘) pot

24cm (9 + 7/16’’) pan

28cm (11’’) pan

Choose from 2 Colors

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